Non-Peak Dialing Times

Kingston Online Services offers non-peak dialing discounts to the following home and office accounts:

  • Lite Service
  • Surfer Service
  • Student Accounts (When offered)

Details of these plans follow:

Hours of Peak and Non-Peak Dialing
  • Non-Peak Dialing times are defined as:

00:01 (one minute after Midnight) to 7:59am in the morning.

  • Peak Dialing times are defined as:

8:00am to 24:00pm (Midnight)

  • Peak Dialing times are defined by:

Current time on the Kingston Online Services network.

Restrictions of Non-Peak Dialing
  • Resale of accounts is not permitted
  • Resale of services is tantamount to theft of services. Please read our policy data sheet for more information.
  • Multiple logins are tracked
  • To counteract the possibility that accounts could be resold or abused, Kingston Online is enforcing a tracking policy whereby any multiple logins during non-peak times will be billed at the regular rates for extra hours billing. This includes all logins currently on the system, regardless of geographical area.
  • Dialing Times are tracked by second
  • Calls begun before Midnight will be billed at the regular rate until they cross the Midnight time border.
  • Calls begun before 8:00am and terminated after 8:00am will be billed beginning at the 8:00am border, and will be audited by automatic process.
  • Non-Peak Dialing Times are not cumulative
  • Hours not used during non-peak times may not be ‘saved’ or ‘stored’ to be used to counterbalance hours consumed during peak dialing times.